A forum is a tool for addressing issues we face as humans, global citizens, local residents, and ecological community members. Personal encounters with art, human beings, and other biological forms act as catalysts for social change. Forums are collaborative because they respond to environments, social dynamics, resources, and skill sets.  It is both a site and method of exchange, a process of exploration in which individuals experience and participate in transformation at both the individual and society level. In this way, forums also function as stand alone projects. 

I like the definition of a forum provided in Webster's Dictionary under 1b, 1c, and 2 below. (aren't dictionaries wonderful things? products of forums themselves! a whole group of people having already gone through the trouble of defining a concept for us. brilliant!)
Sometimes my forums are overtly public other times more private. Sometimes it's unclear. (how, when, where, and to what degree do we - as individuals and parts of systems - leave people out of critical decision making processes? how, when, where, and to what degree do we - as individuals  and parts of systems- decide (intentionally, subconsciously) not to be involved?)