I wrote Plant Magic: Herbalism in Real Life  (Roost Books 2020) with a simple goal in mind: to lure people outdoors and to give them the curiosity and confidence to become a part of the outdoors. Much of what we need to be well and stay connected is already here outside and within us. And so with that in mind, Plant Magic became an inviting and irreverent call to action: a hopeful and practical guide to pursuing individual and collective change and growth at home. 

I worked on it over the course of 3 years collaborating with with my friend Lawrence Braun who shot the photographs for the book. We spent an entire year outdoors, shooting between Brooklyn and the Hudson Valley. We watched landscapes, plants, and humans shift in response to the seasons and each other.

Plant Magic is a field guide, a record of folk recipes, and as one reviewer called it "a deeply back to nature book." Which I think was meant as a slight, but I take it as the highest compliment. 

This page is a WIP and serves a record of the process of Plant Magic.