photo courtesy of Joe Lingeman, doodle by moi

Hello! My name is Christine Buckley (she/her/hers).  

I am an artist and writer.  This is my personal website. 

My conceptual work is rooted in an exploration of our bodies, our world, and the historic and contemporary web of systems that connect us ecologically, locally, and globally. The relationship between people + labor + the earth features prominently in my projects. Over the years my art and expression have taken many forms, including visual art, performance, facilitated dinners, workshops, talks, and publication (Plant Magic: Herbalism in Real Life, 2020, Roost Books). I believe artwork has the potential to be transformative at the individual and society level. It is an opportunity to encourage the softness, vulnerability, and curiosity required to imagine solutions to the challenges and choices we face as humans.

To get in touch e-mail ccbuckley at gmail dot com and please sign up for my extremely infrequent newsletter below.

Thanks for stopping by. 

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